St Giles - Rowley


The loss of a loved one is one of life's hardest experiences. In the first instance you should contact a funeral director of your choice, and express to them your wish for a Church of England funeral (which can take place either in Church or at the Crematorium). The funeral director then gets in touch with us, on your behalf, and one of our ministers will then contact you directly to set up a meeting (at your home, if you live in the locality). You may like to think about possible hymns before that meeting, and it would be helpful to make some brief notes about the person who has died, so we may make the service as personal as possible.

Each year we hold several Memorial Services (normally on a Sunday Evening), and you will be invited, should you wish to come, to remember your loved one at this special service.

A Christian funeral holds out the strong hope of the Resurrection, based on the miracle of the first Easter Day. Although the loss is often very great, we have the promise of God's strength with us, and His arms upholding us.

Our Vicar's telephone is: 0121-559-1251

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