Wine Tasting 2012

 Wine tasting

Each year on the 2nd Saturday of January, St Giles holds it's annual wine tasting evening.

The evening is organised by Dr Ian Sykes a member of our congregation.   

During the year, Ian will purchase 6 wines, some Red, some White, possibly a Port or other fortified wine or even champagne. Ian will then research the wines, their regions, the type of grape used, fermentation, storage, bottling etc.

The format of the evening is.

Start at approx 7.00pm, each table then selects a Sommelier, the person who pours the wine for the evening. Ian then states which wine to pour and shares the information he researched about the wine. 

Everyone then tastes the wine and discusses their like or dislike of its taste, aroma, ask questions etc. 

We then move onto the next wine. 

After 4 or 5 of the wines have been tasted we break for the two course buffet, usually leaving a suitable wine to go with the desert.  

After all the wines have been tasted everyone is encouraged to stay, chat and generally have a good time as they finish the remaining wine. 

The evening usually ends sometime after 10.00pm

 Some pictures of our 2012 wine tasting evening

( Please click on picture to enlarge )

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