St Giles - Rowley

 St Giles as an active junior church.

The junior church is run at the same time as the Sunday morning service at 10.15. 

Shortly after the start of the service the Junior Church leaders and children depart to their own room.

All children are welcome to attend, if they wish, even if this is their first time at St Giles.

Parents usually remain in the main service, unless there child is a bit nervous then they might attend with their child for the first couple of times until they settle.

The leaders teach the children different aspects of the bible, through games, drawing and other activities.

The children return to the main service just before the Holy Communion, so that the children may go to the altar rail and receive a blessing. 

The children, with their leaders, regularly present their work and what they have learnt to the congregation at the morning services.  

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